2017-2018 Officers

Chris Martinez – Co-President, Class of 2019
Chris is currently a 2L at the University of Washington School of Law. He serves as the Co-President of his school’s BLSA chapter and as Vice-President forChristopher Martinez.jpg the Innocence Project Northwest Student Organization. Chris split his 1L summer between Stoel Rives LLP and the King County Prosecuting Office. Chris earned a B.S. in Political Science. Before attending law school, he worked at the Washington State Legislature and for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.
Jabu Diagana– Co-President, Class of 2019

Jabu is currently a 2L at the University of Washington School of Law. She currently serves as the Co-President of UW’s BLSA chapter.


Fred Rabb – BLSA Treasurer, Class of 2019
Fred is a 2L at the University of Washington School of Law and serves as the BLSA Treasurer.  Fred is primarily responsible for handling the organization’s budget. In addition to attending board meetings and supporting the overall mission of the organization, Fred also drafts and submits budget request to the SBA in September; manages the budget and tracks dollars in order to inform board members of how much money is available; submits reimbursement requests to the SBA for members who cover BLSA costs; submits supplemental funding requests to the SBA for new events.
Maddie Flood – Vice President of Diversity, Class of 2019
Maddie Flood headshot 2016.jpgMaddie is currently a 2L at the University of Washington School of Law. She also serves on the board of the Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project. She interned with the Institutions Project at Columbia Legal Services over her 1L summer. Prior to law school, Maddie provided leadership development training to people in social change and worked in the California State Legislature. In her free time, she enjoys being outside in the immense beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Quinlan Wheeler – BLSA Communications Director, Class of 2019
Quinlan manages intra-group and outgoing communications. He is the Facebook group and website administrator. He’s also responsible for taking meeting notes, for both executive board and general membership meetings, making room reservations, distributing emails and announcements to the membership, and coordinating announcements for the Weekly and Daily Announcements.


Theo Shaw – BLSA Vice President of Outreach, Class of 2018
Theo is responsible for coordinating with other student organizations (ex: MLSA, APALSA, LLSA, WLC, LBA), outside organizations, minority bar associations, alumnae, Seattle University BLSA, and GonzagaUniversity MLC. He also works with other organizations to plan events and deals with other special projects that come up throughout the year. On top of that, Theo also works as a liaison with the NBLSA for the Western Region Convention. He’s responsible for coordinating the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial team tryouts, registration, and travel plans.
Adam Roberts – Vice President of Finance, Class of 2018Astor_pic
Adam is a 2L at the University of Washington School of Law and serves as the Vice President of Finance for the UW BLSA Chapter.  A native of Tacoma, he earned his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice/Political Science at Washington State University. During his first year summer, Adam split his time working as summer law associate for the Seattle Office of Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, and an intern for Nintendo of America’s corporate counsel.unity and to be a voice for those who are in need.
TBD – BLSA 1L Liaison, Class of 2020
Will work in conjunction with the BLSA officers to promote BLSA’s agenda with their respective classmates.